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If you’re thinking about installing or replacing a central air conditioner, you’re probably aware that this is one of the most significant home improvements you can make in terms of comfort. On a hot, humid summer day, few amenities add to quality of life more than central air conditioning.

Air conditioning is also one of the most expensive improvements you’re likely to make, so it pays to do your homework and choose wisely..

single unit/portable air conditioners:

Advantages of single unit/portable air conditioners:

A fairly cheap fix to cool your home Easy to install You vent hot air out through a hose, so you can move the unit from room to room.

Disadvantages of single unit/portable air conditioners:

Venting the hose through an open window could pose a security risk Portable air conditioners are not as effective at cooling as split-unit models – they get hot and leak heat back into the room Some models can be heavy, so make sure your chosen unit isn’t too heavy for you to lift comfortably and that the hand-holds are easy to grip. 


Split unit air conditioners:

Split unit air conditioners:

Split unit air conditioners are more effective at cooling, but need to be installed permanently Split unit air conditioner Advantages of split-unit air conditioners: Ideal if you have one room that gets very hot a secure way of air conditioning your home – no need to leave windows open Quieter and more efficient than single units Usually more powerful than single units

Disadvantages of split-unit air conditioners:

Tend to be more expensive than single units Need to be permanently mounted on an outside wall – installation can be tricky and you may need to hire a professional